Texas Systems Ltd

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Texas Systems Ltd supplies power to rural areas by using solar energy with Solar panels, special long life Deep cycle batteries and Inverters also to target the security of your electrical and electronic products. As you are all aware, continuous voltage and power fluctuations can damage and reduce the life span of electrical and electronic products. After analyzing this we decided to take a detailed research in available products and have set our eyes on Microtek Inverters, TEX solar deep cycle batteries and V-Guard stabilizers.

Texas Systems Ltd provides:

Supply & installation of Solar/Power back up system
Supply & installation of Manual/Automatic alarms
Supply & installation of Fire Alarms
Supply & installation of Electric Fence
Supply & installation of Access Control/CCTV
Sold distributers of Microtek Inverters in Kenya
Sold distributers of V-guard stabilizer
Sold distributers of TEX Solar Batteries

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